How to Legally Steal Other Peoples YouTube Traffic

Did you know that you can legally and ethically swipe huge amounts of highly targeted traffic from YouTube videos and complete channels and then point it at your own offers or affiliate offers?

No… Then listen up. I’ll explain exactly how to do it and why this is possible. When you hear what I’m about to tell you… you’ll probably kick yourself for not thinking about it yourself. And I’m willing to bet you’ll hop over to YouTube before you finish reading this post (You won’t be able to help yourself)

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What Nobody Will Tell You…

So let me ask you; do you find it easy to make money online? I bet the answer is no… the fact is while there are lots of ways to make money online most of the time applying those methods requires time and money.

But anything that helps you drive traffic and make a little money is a good thing right?

OK, so usually you only get to hear about the obvious stuff that everyone talks about… and the fact that everyone does it means… well it simply means it’s been done to death. And in most cases that equates to wasted time and wasted money. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So, do you want to swipe some YouTube traffic and send it directly to your own offers?

…Here’s how it works
There are MILLIONS of videos on YouTube right… and as I write this there were probably another thousand or more added. I don’t need to tell you the obvious but YouTube is huge and people are uploading videos like they are going out of fashion.

But here’s the thing… while many people upload videos, not all actually monitor them or stick with whatever they are doing, in fact many don’t.

Imagine you set up a site based around s specific niche… you put up a few videos maybe even a dedicated YouTube channel, and… Nothing

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No Traction, No Visitors and No Sales…

Chances are you would dump the project, forget about the videos and let the domain expire. That’s what hundreds of thousands of would be Internet marketers actually do… I’ve actually done this myself. The interesting point to this is… when you give up on a website and let that domain expire then the site and the google rank vanishes… it’s gone.

But unless you manually log into YouTube and delete those videos linked to your site (which hardly anyone does) then they stay right there… and the traffic and popularity of the video grows, not in every case of course but believe me they are there.

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So what does that mean for you?
Well it means free targeted traffic which equates to free money. OK, so let’s assume you picked a keyword, hopped over to YouTube found a bunch of videos and started going through them looking for the golden nuggets the channel owners left behind.

What you need to do…

Well you need to read the full tutorial PDF for a start

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